Sunday, 12 June 2016

What is a Perfect Feast?

If I'm going to be commenting on and considering the success of the feasts I participate in, I realize that I have to have some criteria which I think make a feast successful. This is true as of June 2016 - as I gain more experience, they may change and more may be added.

The Perfect Feast...

- Delicious
- Served on time
- Reflects unique, researched aspects of the pre-16th century period
- Evokes the season
- Inclusive of allergies and dietary restrictions (within reason)
- Prepared safely
- Served at the proper temperature
- Dishes with complementary flavor profiles
- Has a unified theme
- Tested beforehand
- Adheres to the budget
- Appetizing in appearance

The Perfect Service...

- Creates an immersive period experience
- Entertains the populace
- Moves dishes from kitchen to table quickly and unobtrusively
- Maintains food safety and avoids cross-contamination
- Attention to detail and beautiful plating, when possible

The Perfect Kitchen...

- Safe, clean, functioning appliances
- Industrial dishwasher/sanitizer
- High-pressure double sink for washing
- Ample counter space
- Professional gas ranges
- Large, professional fridge units
- Chest freezer
- Cleaning products
- Well-stocked with dishware, utensils, servingware, pots and pans, dish cloths and towels
- Ample hot water
- All recipes and serving order prominently displayed
- Handwashing station
- Staging area for plating either directly outside the kitchen or inside the kitchen

The Perfect Feast Team...

- Kind, respectful, and inclusive
- Self-motivated and responsible
- Communicative and punctual
- Organized
- Monitors themselves and others for the need to take a break, have water, and eat
- Hygienic and careful to maintain food safety
- Tidy, or willing to clean up after themselves
- Shares food and drink among the kitchen staff to maintain morale and energy
- Provides honest feedback and support when needed

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