Thursday, 14 July 2016


Some of the slightly newer folks to Montengarde might not know that we have a resident period singing group, Polyphonia! They perform once or twice a year, and practice on every Wednesday that's not Tavern.

Polyphonia was actually one of the things that really made me fall in love with the SCA. My first ever event was a demo at Heritage Park (a local living history museum) for Halloween, as I've said before. Polyphonia performed at that demo - I remember they sang "Of All the Birds That Ever I See" and a few other pieces, and I was totally enchanted by them. To this day, whenever they're singing at an event, I absolutely have to stop and listen.

I was the Bardic champion before our current one, and so I really love to hear music at events. I can be pretty nervous about singing on my own in public, though. I decided that was no good at all, and if I liked to hear music at events, I should do something to hear more!

To that end, I recently joined Polyphonia and am working very hard to learn some of their repertoire in time for their next performance at Samhain. The current choir leader is Althea Tambourri, a dear friend and a very talented lady! Other members include Master Thorvald, Arnaut, Sorcha, Melody (a new member,) and recently Caterina &tc. has also joined back up.

Singing, hooray!

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